Draw a Magnetic Field
The strength and direction of magnetic forces vary in different parts of a magnetic field. Since the strength of the magnet is important in all magnet applications, it is important to know the direction and strength of magnetic forces around a magnet. A drawing of a magnetic field is a good representation of such forces. If you ever wondered how strong are magnetic forces in different areas around a magnet, this is a project for you. 

Learning about magnetic fields and the direction of magnetic forces in a magnetic field will help us to understand the properties of magnets and use it in a more effective and more creative way.

Material and instructions:
This Project is easy and most likely it can be completed in one day. You may use any magnet with any shape and draw its magnetic field. Drawing a magnetic field is done in two steps. First you form the drawing using Iron powder and then you fix the drawing using glue.  
Details of this project:
More details or support on this project is available for the members of itisfast.com. Material needed for experiments can be found locally or purchased online from MiniScience.com.
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