Senior Engineering Projects (Grades 9 - 12)




Senior level projects listed in this page with a bold face link have all the details that you need in order to start your experiments. 

Projects listed with regular link, do not have all the details, instead they have a dedicated project advisor that can help you to get up and running with your project in a few weeks. 

For all other project ideas listed here we are not currently offering any information or support.


To send a message to your project advisor, click on Questions & Comments. If the project that you are selecting has an active link, click on that to see startup information of that project. If that page is not updated or does not contain necessary information, let us know about your choice so we can enter or update the startup information for the project that you have selected.


* If you need any of these projects fast, send us a message so we can expedite that project.



001. Design considerations for "Solar Heated" homes 
002. Design considerations for "Solar-Cell" powered homes 
003. A study of propeller designs for wind generators 
004. Production of electrical energy from mechanical sources 
005. Study of efficient home insulation 
007. The effect of landscaping and architecture on energy consumption 
008. Efficiency studies on transformers 
009. The effect of temperature on resistance  [Exp]
010. Study of formation of images on a T.V tube 
012. L.E.D illumination versus incandescent illumination in practice 
013. Voice communication with infrared light and fiber optics 
014. Find the maximum speed in fiber optic links 
015. Study of various phosphors in fluorescent lighting 
016. Structure versus strength in dams 
020. Measure the diameter and the circumference of the earth.

* If you are a member and need any of these projects, send us a message so we can try to expedite that project.



Best Projects
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coming soon


[Exp] = Experimental projects also known as investigatory projects.

[Exp*] = Adapted or modified to be an Experimental projects also known as investigatory projects.

(Quick) = Projects that can generally be completed in one to 7 days if you have access to all the necessary material or equipment.

coming soon* = Projects that are being added in future. Members can request expedition of such projects.